Bespoke Data Solutions

Data Consolidation &
Dashboard Analytics

  • Simplified Solutions Delivering Sophisticated Statistics

    Our bespoke web based solutions empower you to do more with the data you collect, ensuring you spend more time analysing results and less time compiling reports.

    Upload Data

    Refine Queries

    Analyse Results

  • Data Consolidation Made Easy

    Consolidating data from multiple sources into a single cohesive dataset couldn't be easier using the Data Exchange.

    Whether you have historical data in multiple formats or different data sources to cross reference, our bespoke data integration tools take the hard work out of data verification, cleansing & normalisation.

  • Bespoke Dashboarding & BigData Analytics

    A Place For Your Data To Call Home

    Define your own time saving automated Dashboard Reporting system. A perfect match for your workflow, providing precisely the statistics you need, when you need them most.

    Tap into the potential of BigData analytics through dynamic visualisations and find the trends hidden under the surface.

    Flexible and agile software implementations allowing you to modify and update your reporting needs through out the life cycle of the project.

    Login securely from your tablet, phone or computer. Export and save your reports for offline viewing & sharing.

  • With You Every Step Of The Way

    Our project life cycle is an iterative process that repeats throughout the lifetime of your project. The emphasis is on prototype production and refinement through continuous communication.

    Project Life Cycle


    Plan out & formalise software requirements.


    Building of the prototypes.


    Real life testing of software.


    Thorough review process before cycle restarts

  • Find Out More

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Always Safety First

We value data safety and privacy above all else. With our solutions, your data remains entirely your own.

Data is protected in transit via SSL and TLS cryptography.

Uploaded data moves directly to your secure DataVault only accessible to you or members of your organisation.

All user data is encrypted at rest using AES 256 standards.

The Brexit Report

Understanding the trends, anticipating the future

Tracking economic changes resulting from BREXIT isn’t easy. One of the best measures is the movement of business travellers and we’ve got them tracked. See how we do it and how you can benefit from the insights the data provides.