Bespoke software & analytical solutions tailored specifically to your business needs

Just the right fit

Our bespoke web based solutions empower you to do more with the data you collect, ensuring you spend more time analysing results and less time compiling reports.

Working in the Cloud

Intuative, interactive and responsive dashboarding solutions provide you with precisely the right statistics, when you need them most.

Not all data is born equal

That's why our data consolidation tools focus on content over formatting to deliver deeper insights through advanced data modelling.

Always on hand

Our agile approach to software development allows you to redefine your product as your project grows giving you constant access to the most relavant data.

Always Security First

Data is protected in transit via SSL and TLS cryptography.

Uploaded data moves directly to your secure DataVault only accessible to you or members of your organisation.

All user data is encrypted at REST using AES 256 standards.

"Big data is not about the data."

Gary King

"If statistics are boring, you've got the wrong numbers."

Edward Tufte