Corporations’ Travel Managers Suppliers – Airlines, Hotels

  • Detect new business travel areas of interest to identify next trends in emerging markets and economic recovery.
  • Micro-segment and measure demand by origin market (region, country and city), by date.
  • Compare demand vs available air and hotel connectivity.
  • Negotiate better with suppliers.
  • Complement your Revenue Management tools and pricing strategy with updated global data and strategic insights.
  • Monitor the environment and your competitors.
  • Benchmarking of main KPIs, and flight and hotel prices.


  • Corporation Travel Programme Costing
  • Benchmarking
  • Competitive Pricing
  • Hotel Costs by Date
  • Five year historical trends

Hotel Costs by Date


Competitive Pricing

Corporation Travel Programme Costing

Five year historical trends

Pricing by carrier on LAX LON By Class Date range over date range

Hotel Rate Shift SFO over year by Brand

Advance Booking Date Averages