Data by the Dat®

Data by the Dat®

Not all people want all of the dat all of the time! Data by the Dat® enables users to select only those data fields, we call them Dats® , needed to meet the individual analyses and reporting requirements.

The database contains 60 fields, partially noted below. For the full inventory please contact us directly.

  • Access global daily data for easy to use data driven decisions based on your needs
  • Create bespoke data analytics
  • Explore data through interactive filtering to quickly find answers to business questions


Sample of data fields available:

Contact The Data Exchange for our full data set.

Identification of the record and the source
Identification of the number of the segment in the trip
First leg of the journey
IATA Carrier Code
Carrier Name
Flight Number
One way, Round Trip, Multi segment
A non stop of connecting flight
Departure code of first leg
Arrival first segment Airport Code
Date of booking
Date of segment leg departure
Time of departure
Airport Code
Airport Name
Airport City